When does Teasing become Too Much?

I feel sort of hypocritical writing this as am such a horrible tease:

  • diving out of closets
  • grabbing ankles from under the bed
  • telling my kids if they didn’t make me laugh I’d adopt them out
  • telling my daughter in front of my son that she was my favourite
  • telling my son in front of my daughter that he was my favourite
  • etc.

Of course it all backfired as they got older and I became the victim of their teasing … I taught them well.

But one thing that was completely off limits was matters of the heart.  I never teased about crushes when they were little as knew how fragile emotions were around same.  I’d cringe when I’d see other parents teasing their kids about crushes and knew that when they were teenagers they’d be telling their parents NOTHING about who they liked, dating, sex, etc.

When my kids told me about a crush I’d relay as similar story about when I was their age.  That made me a safe place to land, a confidant.

So go ahead and dive out of closets and be a goofball parent, but be careful with their little hearts.  They’re so fragile, as are ours.

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Lisa Bunnage, Parenting Coach

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