What Brings Out Your Inner Child?

kids playingThe other day I was mopping the kitchen floor and next thing I knew I was flat on my back.
I must have spent at least 15 seconds just laying there wondering what the heck happened.  Then I thought, “Oh no, I hope someone outside didn’t witness me falling!”  How stupid is that that I was worried about someone seeing me fall?  Why on earth are we so worried about what other people think???  Cheesh.

Anwyay, then the giggling set in and I finally got up completely unscathed much to my surprise.

How things change throughout the years.  When we’re little we fall all the time and just bounce back up and continue on as if nothing’s happened.  In our 50’s we just lay there like a big old tortoise on its back before even considering getting up.

I snowshoe with a fast group and we fall on a regular basis.  We often plough into each other, slide into tree wells, fall face first down embankments, etc. … laughing like maniacs.  It feels like being a little kid again.  Obviously that only applies to snowshoeing as I felt like a feeble old woman laying on the kitchen floor (haha).

What brings out your inner child?


Cute Father & Son Story

A friend of my son has a little boy who lives in a different city.  He would call his little boy every night and one night, after listening to his son chatter in the background as he was playing, the dad called his son to the phone and suggested they end their call.  The little boy said, “No Daddy, I’m not finished playing yet, you have to keep listening to me play.”

How adorable is that?!  He just loved knowing his Daddy was on the phone listening to him play … next best thing to being there.

Do you have any cute stories, I’d love to hear them.

Lisa Bunnage, Parenting Coach

Little Boy: “Scary TV BratBusters Lady”

A little kid pointed to me and said, “Mommy, that’s her!” He looked kinda scared and the mom explained that she uses me as a threat to keep him in line: “If you don’t behave I’ll call the TV BratBusters Lady to come and handle you!” Ha ha.

She said it won’t work anymore as now he’s seen I’m not that scary afterall.

Go ahead and use me as a threat, just make sure your kids don’t meet me or it’ll no longer work :).

Scary Lisa.