Co-sleeping & Breastfeeding in Public

Is it okay to co-sleep with your kids?  Does it matter?  I mean, is it a big deal?  No, it’s just personal preference.

Maybe there’s some medical warnings about rolling onto and smothering your kids but that’s pretty rare.

We co-slept with our daughter until she was 8 months old.  The only reason we did that was because she was so cuddly and just wanted to be held all night … ugh.

I don’t think either of us got a decent night’s sleep for those 8 months but she was happy so that’s all that matters … I guess.

I don’t understand why co-sleeping is such a heated topic?  It’s like breastfeeding in public.  Really?  Is that a big deal?

Except maybe extreme breastfeeding.  This just gives me the creeps.

So if you’re co-sleeping or public breastfeeding and someone tries to tell you it’s wrong, just smile and nod.  It’ll drive them nuts and shut them right up.

Happy Parenting,