Spanking vs. Yelling

Which is worse, Spanking or Yelling at your kids?

Obviously neither is good but I’d have to say yelling is worse, and here’s why.  When you spank a child it’s usually a one-off and there’s guilt involved.  When you yell at a child it can go on for ages and there’s often no guilt involved.  There’s that justification that “it’s only words”.

We all know by now, thanks to all the bullying suicides caused by “just words”, that words hurt more than anything.  While you’re yelling it’s usually not kind words like, “I LOVE YOU!!!”  “I THINK YOU’RE GREAT!!!” … you get the idea.

So try to keep both to a minimum and aim to eliminate them altogether.  Both are a sign of loss of control.  If you are in control as a parent, there is no need to yell.

Behaviour driven by anger is never a good thing.

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Happy Parenting,

Lisa Bunnage