Smelly Teenage Boys

This column in The Province was all about smelly teenage boys.  I’ve written a couple of columns on this as it’s a common complaint parents have.

My son is 21 and clean now but he went thru that stage also.  What I couldn’t get over was that he was completely oblivious to how icky it was.  I was lucky as he’d only skip a day or maybe 2 of showering but some will go weeks without showering … can you just imagine the aroma! (LOL)  I’ve never heard of this problem with girls although I’m sure it must exist.

Not all young boys go thru this stage, but when they do, it can be really upsetting, especially if you’re a clean fanatic like I am.  Their odor doesn’t just attach itself to them, it also spreads to the couch, carpeting and air … gross!!!

My son was moody and smelly but he never got into trouble.  He’d remind me of that whenever I’d complain which sort of shut me up.

One of my clients had a young son who hadn’t showered in months.  He got caught out in a rainstorm one night which they’d hoped would make him smell better but it actually seemed to make things worse … something about mould (ha ha).

Oh well, I guess it’s not the worst thing that could happen, but it’s certainly offensive to the senses.

Lisa Bunnage