Is it Right that Schools are being Forced to Parent?

If you know me at all, you’ll know how much this drives me nuts!!!  What the heck is wrong with society that schools are being forced to do more and more of the parenting.  Children should be sent to school with manners PERIOD!!!  Yes, a small percentage of children have diagnosed mental conditions making it difficult for them to behave nicely.  But, the majority of children schools are having problems with are just normal kids with parents who don’t discipline effectively.

I think basic parenting courses should be mandatory before kids are even sent to school.  Not only would this save millions of government dollars, but it would also make kids and parents happier and higher functioning.  And who wants kids people don’t like?  Kids who the schools wish would transfer somewhere else?  What an awful feeling that would be.

It’s easy to blame the school for children’s behaviour but why is everyone sidestepping around the parenting issue???  I’ll never understand this.  Yes, some kids are more challenging than others, but I’ve never met a child/teen who couldn’t learn how to respect themselves and others.  Okay, there was one child I wouldn’t work with as knew it would’ve been in vane.  She was 8 when I met her and 10 when she was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and admitted to a psychiatric hospital.  That’s just 1 out of hundreds!

Do you agree or do you think it’s up to the schools to teach children how to be respectful?

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