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potty party cover“POTTY PARTY MANUAL”

  How to Potty Train in 2 Days

This is your 2-day guide to potty training, written with your lifestyle in mind. I have also included an easy to follow planning worksheet you can print and take with you when purchasing your supplies. The whole book is only 22 pages long to keep it as simple and easy as possible.  Potty Training should be fun for your toddler AND you.  What are you waiting for? Your toddler could be potty trained this weekend! Order your ebook here only $20.00 & it will be sent to your email within 24 hours.

Success Story: 

 “IT WORKS !!!! This potty party works and I would 100% recommend it.  My daughter was 27 months when we did the Party. It was August of last year. We had not tried potty training at all yet and we followed your manual to the letter. My favorite part was making it a positive experience throughout and for my husband his favorite part was how detailed and concise the manual was. It went great right from the start. We put a couple of pairs of panties on her and since we were together for every minute of the day during the party we had very few accidents and the ones we did have were on the hardwood or sheet covered carpet. I loved spending time devoted just to her. We even went as far as turning off our phones so we could focus our full attention on her. Just like you mentioned in the manual we went cold turkey with the diapers. No diapers at naptime, bed time or as a convenience for shopping etc. We kept the whole experience calm and fun and at the end of the 2nd day she would run to the potty herself. We did still use the reward system for 2 more days after the party and by the end of the week she was potty trained. Of course there were still the odd accident but most of those were due to my lack of attention to her. We’ve never gone back to diapers or pull ups and I will be doing this Potty Party for all my future little ones. I’ve recommended you and this method to all my friends and anyone who will listen.   

We were the last of our group of friends to have a baby so I’ve seen how potty training can go terribly wrong. It was always a fight and seemed to last for months. I knew I didn’t want an experience like that and I am so grateful to have found your book.

 (Me: Wow … you guys are stars!!! Especially great how you turned off your phones and devoted so much attention to the task. Can I use story and name on my website?)

 “Anything and everything. Use it all it don’t mind. 

Jason & Heather Sandberg.

There is also a hard copy of “Potty Party Manual” available for $25.00 (includes shipping and handling).  Please order via email at Lisa@BratBusters.com.