There are many different ways to approach parenting but I chose the path of least resistance.  I made my kids self-disciplining.  I taught them how to be accountable and make wise choices.  I thought this only applied to young children but when I worked with delinquent teenagers it worked with them also.

There are no tricks, it’s just about love, patience and being a Calm Leader.

Here ​is how coaching goes:      

  1. Humour is encouraged, guilt is discouraged.  One builds you up, the other drags you down.      

  2. You are the focus, not your children.  You will learn how to stop reacting and start leading.             

  3. We focus on the future, not the past.  (Most clients struggle with this as want to tell me all about their past problems thinking that will help.  That would be like a business coach focusing on how you went bankrupt rather than teaching you how to make millions.)

  4. You learn the most from your mistakes as we go along.  If you don’t make any mistakes, you will be the first.     

  5. Things usually get worse before they get better as the kids will test your new parenting style.  

  6. Success will appear in bursts but don’t let down your guard as real change takes time.  

  7. Once you have mutual respect cemented in the family, you can just relax and enjoy.  You can even be friends with your kids.  But remember your #1 role is ALWAYS the parent.  

If you want help learning how to be a Calm Leader, I have 3 coaching session packages.  The 3 and 5 session packages include UNLIMITED EMAILS between sessions so I’m with you all along your journey:

1 – 60 Minute Session via Phone, Skype or Facetime

3 – 60 Minute Sessions via Phone, Skype or Facetime

5 – 60 Minute Sessions via Phone, Skype or Facetime.


I believe in using fun as an incentive for kids to behave beautifully and have high self-esteem.  Yes, sometimes there are negative consequences involved in parenting, but after a few weeks of showing the kids who’s boss, the negatives are replaced by positives.  It’s all about strong leadership.

I’m very direct and results driven.  A sense of humour is a must.  If you mess up we’ll laugh about it and move forward.  This is parenting, not nuclear science.  You’re going to make mistakes, that’s normal.  

I want you to have fun with and get respect from your kids.  My joy is seeing you enjoy family life to the fullest.

I guarantee positive results if you follow my parenting advice.  


“For the first time I feel proud of how my children act.” … Shiloh, New Jersey

“I was all threats & no action before.  Now I know how to follow through & my daughter listens to me..”  … Lena, Seattle

“My husband & I are finally on the same page.  Parenting is easier & there is less stress in our marriage.” … Carol, Vancouver

Give me a call or send me an email for a quick chat to see if coaching is for you. 
Lisa Bunnage, Parenting Coach
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