I have two types of coaching available:

  1. “4 Week Parenting Program” (Toddlers or Children). Starts August 7, 2017.

  2. “Private Coaching” (All Ages) (1 Session, 3 Sessions, 5 Sessions)

The “4 Week Parenting Program” (starting 1st Monday of each month) teaches you how to parent through leadership over a 4 week period.  You can go at your own pace and the information you receive is a great reference source to use throughout the years.  You will be hearing from me in the form of emails and videos once per week which will guide you through the program.  I will also be answering your questions as we go along either by private email or in video form (no names mentioned) for everyone else in the program to also watch.  We will then have our private coaching session during the last week of the program.

I do not offer a Teen Program as their problems are usually more intense and require Private Coaching.  I specialize in teens in crisis with the exception of drug addiction and eating disorders which require medical intervention.  Note:  If you suspect you may have a suicidal teen on your hands, contact either myself, a school counselor, the police or a suicide prevention hotline right away.  It may seem like a drastic step but, well, just trust me.

Okay, that was serious but necessary.  On the lighter side, I believe in using fun as an incentive for kids to behave beautifully and have high self-esteem.  Yes, sometimes there are negative consequences involved in parenting, but after a few weeks of showing the kids who’s boss, the negatives are replaced by positives.  It’s all about strong leadership.

The “Private Coaching” is done via phone, Skype or FaceTime.  I’m very direct and results driven.  Your success is my joy as I get very excited when you start to see positive changes.  A sense of humour is a must.  If you mess up we’ll laugh about it and move forward.  This is parenting, not nuclear science.  You’re going to make mistakes, that’s normal.  

I want you to have fun with and get respect from your kids.  My joy is seeing you enjoy family life to the fullest.

I guarantee positive results if you follow my parenting advice.  

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  1. “4 Week Parenting Program” (Toddlers or Children)

  2. “Private Coaching” (All Ages) (1 Session, 3 Sessions, 5 Sessions)


“For the first time I feel proud of how my children act.” … Shiloh, New Jersey

“I was all threats & no action before.  Now I know how to follow through & my daughter listens to me..”  … Lena, Seattle

“My husband & I are finally on the same page.  Parenting is easier & there is less stress in our marriage.” … Carol, Vancouver

Lisa Bunnage, Parenting Coach
Phone:  604-349-8044