My sick, messy, athletic morning … it’ll make sense as you read

Totally off parenting topic but I just have to share my early morning experience.  I’ve had a lousy cold for a week now, daughter got it also.  I was up coughing throughout the night, not getting much sleep.  Was afraid of waking her so decided to just get up by around 4:00 a.m.

Thought a hot cuppa tea would help the coughing so got all set up in front of computer at my desk with pillow on lap as coughing muffler.  There, was all set to just relax and watch some YouTube.

Had my first sip of tea and put it down crooked on the coaster and it tipped over and splatted all across the living room!!!  Ugh, I just put my tired sick head on the desk and started to cry.  Realizing I was being pathetic I stopped crying, got up and tried to walk around the mess but didn’t realize how far it had spread.

I realized as soon as I stepped I was in trouble.  My left foot hit the wet floor and slipped way out in front as my right leg went out behind me and because I can’t do the splits my body slapped sideways right into the tea.

There I was, splatted out on the floor covered in tea.  I could feel the giggles coming on which I tried to suppress as would just make me cough more and might wake up my daughter.  So I slithered over to grab the pillow and laid there coughing and laughing.  Took several minutes before I could get control of myself and get up and clean up.

So … how was your start to the day?