Parenting Programs

Respect is EVERYTHING!

Raising Happy Kids with High Self-Esteem

“For the first time I feel proud of how my children act.” … Shiloh, New Jersey

“I was all threats and no action before.  Now I know how to follow through and my daughter listens to me..”  … Lena, Seattle

“My husband and I are finally on the same page.  Parenting is easier and there is less stress in our marriage.” … Carol, Vancouver


NEW  Video Courses:

Mix’n Match 1st Program $59, additional programs $20


Potty Training

Bedtime Battles

Mealtime Battles

Social Skills (Sharing, Sibling Rivalry, Bullying)

Life Skills (Chores, Allowance, Money Management)

Sex Education (When & How to Talk to your kids)


4 Week Parenting Programs (start 1st Monday of each Month): 

(Formerly “8 Week Parenting Program”.  Same program, just less time.)

Parenting Toddlers (ages 1-4) - $297

Parenting Children/Tweens (ages 5-12) - $297

Parenting Teenagers (ages 13-18) - $297

30 Minute Maintenance Session - $57


General Coaching (Any Age, Any Topic):

1 Session - $97

3 Sessions  - $267

5 Sessions $397

Lisa Bunnage, Parenting Coach
Office: 604-944-7479