Child Program

“From Chaos To Calm in 4 Weeks”

4 Week Parenting Program – Children (5-12)


You may be having problems with your child’s behaviour, schooling, etc.  Or you may just want to make sure things continue along smoothly.  This program is designed to cover most of the parenting topics that apply to raising children.  You will learn how to stay calm, be in control and have fun with your children.  Most importantly, you will learn how to get respect.  

It’s common for a 9 year old girl to act like she’s a teenager and boy of the same age to still be pushing trucks around in a sandbox.  I have included all of the most important topics I discuss with parents and added a few more (e.g., Internet Use, Childhood Anxiety, Cell Phones)  just to cover all bases.

Programs start on the first Monday of each month so please sign up with 24 hours prior.  Once the program starts you will receive an email each Monday for 4 weeks.  These emails will contain the following:

  • Instructions on how to set-up, maintain and succeed with the “3 Step Parenting Plan”
  • Information Packages on various topics such as social skills, sex ed, etc.
  • Video answering your questions of the week

The 4th week is also when we will have our 60 minute private coaching session.  

You are encouraged to email your questions throughout the program.  If your questions are not already covered in the program, they will be addressed on the weekly videos which are prepared at the end of each week.  I usually end up responding to your questions via email also just to help keep you on track.  I’m here for you throughout the program.  

Week #1:  Identify Parenting Goals

    • Introduction
    • 3 Step Parenting Plan
    • What is Discipline?

Week #2:  Implement Parenting System

    • Punishments/Consequences that Work
    • School/Sports/Activities (Homework, Over-Scheduling) 

Week #3:  Review & Maintain

    • Social Skills (Peer Pressure, Bullying, Friends)
    • Home/Family Life (Sibling Rivalry, Jealousy, Sharing)

Week #4:  Success

    • Sex Education & Other Awkward Stuff
    • Private Coaching Session, 60 Minutes (Phone or Skype)

Don’t worry if a topic you are looking for is not on the program, let me know and we can make sure it becomes part of your program.  Examples of some of the special circumstances that have arisen over the years:

  • parent-to-parent bullying
  • early development (menstruation can start as early as 8 years old)
  • parenting through divorce

I’ll be with you all throughout the program.  Some parents never email me, others email me every day.  There is no right or wrong, it’s all about getting the best results for your family.  

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Sign up here to get started – $347.   


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