Calm Parenting is the Best Parenting

It’s a natural instinct to want to lecture your children but it just doesn’t work.  They are much more likely to do as you do rather than do as you say.  Monkey See, Monkey Do … and all that.  I spend a lot of time coaching parents on not only the importance of being calm, but giving them tools on how to stay that way.  It’s a challenge, no doubt about it.  But it works.

Parenting is all about leadership and effective leaders are calm and in control, not hyper and out of control.

So how do you stay calm when confronted by an angry teenager who is a professional at pushing every single one of your anger buttons?  You stay calm by knowing that it works.  Don’t give them anything to feed off of, nothing to give them more fuel for the fire, etc.

I always say I’m not a writer as I just slap out what I’m thinking.  Debbie Pincus wrote a great article, much more articulate than what I wrote here, explaining the importance of calm parenting.

Lisa Bunnage, Parenting Coach

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