Tantrum Busting


How to Stop Toddler Tantrums, Meltdowns & Scenes

Tantrum Busting is a quick and easy read (just 22 pages) which gets right to the point:  How to Stop Tantrums.  No analyzing or negotiating, just quick and simple methods all in tot’s language and it works.  It contains the steps involved in how to teach your children to find effective ways to communicate rather than using tantrums.

The book contains the following:

  • Myths & MythBusters

  • What is a Tantrum?

  • NEVER use diversion to manage a Tantrum

  • How to prevent a Tantrum

  • Why Supermarket Tantrums are the worst & how to

    manage them

  • What to do once the Tantrum is underway

  • How long can a Tantrum last?

  • When will I start seeing improvement?

  • Are Tantrums now gone forever?

  • Do I punish a Tantrum?

  • Do they learn anything from having a tantrum?

  • What makes this all work? Ignoring can’t be everything!

  • What type of parent do you want to be?

  • Points to Remember

You will quickly learn how easy this method is by applying it today.  Order your ebook here only $20 & it will be sent to your email account within 24 hours.


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