I’m Unpopular

I’m unpopular whenever I rave on about how much I’ve loved mothering.  Why is that?  I’m almost ashamed of it at this point.  Yes, I was born to mother and spent many years mothering other kids until I finally had my own at 29 years of age.

Is wallowing in parenting just too old fashioned or something … what’s up with that?!  You’re allowed to wallow in your daily coffee fix, wallow in shopping, wallow in chocolate.  Not only wallow in it but others will join in and say how much they love all those things too.  But I’ve learned to never again utter the statement “I’ve wallowed in being a mother; it was the best, most fun thing I’ve ever done”.  Okay … I can “write” it, just not “utter” it.

High School Award Ceremony

Just home from my daughter’s high school awards ceremony.  It’s a long evening sitting on uncomfortable chairs but we’re all there to support our kids, their friends and the school.  The last award was the Spirit Award and it was given to a Grade 12 girl who’s been in a wheelchair since Grade 9.  She’s had many obstacles to overcome yet is the most cheerful, positive, giving young girl you could imagine.  She got a standing ovation and there weren’t many dry eyes in the gym.  Was a good night.

Child Psychologist Likes to Take Notes

After a seminar one of the participants came up and asked me what methods I base my advice on.  I said, “Common Sense”.  What I thought was cute was that she actually wrote it down.  I didn’t see such a simplistic answer as noteworthy.

She identified herself as a child psychologist and said she’d never come across anyone quite like me before.  I took it as a compliment … I mean … she took notes throughout the entire presentation … that’s a compliment right?!

Parenting Advice

Of course I want you to hire me if you’re having problems, but, if not search out on-line parenting forums which are filled with advice from other parents.  Be selective though.  Some of the advice is great, lots is so-so and some is downright stupid.  Your gut will let you decide.

I like advice from other parents as it’s less clinical and more down-to-earth and relateable which is always my preference.

I often re-tweet what I like on Twitter (Bratbusters).