Stop Praising Your Kids About Everything!!!

by LisaBunnage on May 27, 2017

Praise is great when earned but when not earned, it’s just lying.  Kids not only pick up on this but they lose respect for your opinion because of it.  Dishonest praising not only makes you less trustworthy, it waters down your compliments even when they’re genuine. I’ve worked with delinquent teens who people were sidestepping […]


How to Help your Kids be More Popular

by LisaBunnage on May 26, 2017

There are lots of different qualities that can make kids more popular.  They can be really confident, fun, great at sports, or just have that undefinable character that draws people to them, i.e., charisma.  Not much we can do about charisma  as that seems to be something you’re just born with, but we can help […]


Top 3 Tips to Make Kids Smarter

Can we really make our kids smarter?  I don’t know about that but we can certainly give them life skills to encourage them to do their best. I was asked to contribute to an article for Global News:  Genius brothers, 11 and 14, graduate from high school, university.  Obviously these 2 boys are extreme examples […]

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How to Stop your Child from Dawdling

I recently asked my Newsletter Parents to tell me their biggest parenting problems.  Here was one of them: Biggest Problem is dawdling!  My son is such a details guy, very sensitive, good for some things but try getting him out the door!  Who knew there could be so many obstacles.  A rewards program doesn’t work […]

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Summer Holidays Are Almost Here, Are You Ready?

June’s almost here which means kids are going to be getting out of school soon.  September/October are the busiest months for my business because many parents let the kids get out of control over Summer.  That just makes school harder to get adjusted to but that can be easily avoided if you keep some sense […]

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