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“4 Week Parenting Program” starts June 5th. 

Getting respect as you head into Summer Break.    


You’d do absolutely ANYTHING for your kids.


So why don’t they listen to you?


You know your children love you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they respect you. And if they don’t respect you they’re certainly not going to listen to you. Respect is the backbone of successful parenting. Whether you have toddlers, children, teens or even young adults, you want their respect.

The question is, do you have their respect right now?

For many parents, the answer is no. This is because when most parents start out, they plan for the birth and the first year of their children’s lives. Then… they never get around to planning how they’re going to handle tantrums, defiance and all the other fun challenges toddlers throw their way. As a result, they end up with children who have taken control because:

  • There are no clear rules and consequences.
  • There is inconsistent discipline.
  • Everyone’s talking and no one’s listening.
  • Family arguments outweigh family fun.

In short, your kids are in charge and it will only get worse if you don’t learn how to get their respect.

Now is the time to develop those leadership skills, get your children’s respect and start having fun as a family. You’re going to be proud to show off your well behaved kids rather than worrying that they’re going to cause a scene. You’ll have friends asking for your parenting advice. But most of all, you’ll have stress-free, enjoyable family life.

When you work with BratBusters Parenting, you get much more than tips on how to discipline.

You get an understanding of HOW your children think and feel.

I’m a parent – just like you. My kids are grown now but I had all the same dreams and aspirations as you for your children: happiness, success, health, changing my diapers when I’m old (sorry about that one).

When we work together, we will focus on you, not your children. We will:

  • Identify your parenting strengths and weaknesses.
  • Teach you how to stop reacting and start acting.
  • Clarify what needs to change in your parenting style.
  • Combine these into a parenting style based on leadership and fun which will not only get you the respect you want, but give you peace of mind.

Start with my 3 Step Parenting Plan which is my gift to you.  It’s included in my Newsletter at the top right of this page.  

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Lisa Bunnage, Parenting Coach






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