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Hi, I’m Lisa.

A parenting coach, mom, writer and eternal optimist dedicated to helping you become the parent you most want to be.

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My work (& this site) is devoted to sharing ideas,

tools and resources that will help you

create the family relationships you’ve always wanted.


It’s not going to be perfect, just perfect for you and your family.



How to Get your Kids to Listen to You

Download this FREE “3 Step Parenting Plan” to learn how to set up a behaviour board that gives you the confidence to teach your children how to respect and listen to you.



Whether you have a new baby or a houseful of messy teenagers, you will find hundreds of tips, advice, stories and Q&A’s to choose from.  You are sure to find some parenting inspiration and answers.

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I‘m here to serve.

My company is built on a base of love, compassion and a commitment to help you become a strong, confident and fun leader for your children.

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